About Us:

its a bit of play on a local joke. You may have heard of the famous comedian Kevin Bridges? he had a well known sketch ‘Did ye aye?’, well we still find this hilarious and we found a way to shoe horn the joke into a name for a Digital agency. What better way to catch local customers attention? Well, at least we think it works!

Absolutely! The world is getting smaller and communication is becoming amazing. Through email/phone/whatsapp/skype/facetime we can communicate and help you with your project. Distance is no issue.

Almost everyone has a website these days. Its becoming the first port of call for potential customers. It showcases our business and allows you to communicate to your customers.

Creating a good first impression on your customers cannot be undervalued. Information is important of course but impressing viewers can help turn them into customers.

We will be in touch. Firstly to provide you with an estimated cost. Secondly to meet up with our sales staff to help us create a plan for your website.

This completely varies depending on the complexity of your website. Basic websites start from £700 whilst an in depth ecommerce site would be upwards of £2000.

Each project is different. Normally we do require a deposit and then the remaining fee upon project completion. Monthly packages such as hosting or maintenance can be paid by recurring direct debit.

We work with all kinds of businesses from small start ups to large chains and suppliers. Each has different goals and we can provide a service from everyone.

This depends on the complexity of the site. E.g. If you supply all content and graphics quickly then we can have you up and running within 4 weeks.  Another example If it is a large in depth ecommerce site where we need to design graphics and photography then this can take upwards of 3 months.

You will liaise with our customer service staff who will be your main point of contact to assist you through the project. Our designers will work away in the background to create your websites or graphics.

All our websites are built on the WordPress platform. We find this allows us full control over customisation and it allows our customers to log into the website and potentially update them by themselves.

Not currently. We feel that specialising in one area allows us to master it rather than be a jack of all trades.

About Your Website:

Yes. All files and databases are yours. We are just the designers. If you want a copy of everything, this can be made available at your request at no extra charge.

We rent our own secure web servers that can be accessed from anywhere. These are based in a data centre and store all the sites.

Everything on our servers are backed up every single day to seperate storage. If the worst should happen we can have everything back online in a few hours.

Each project has its own hosting requirements. This varies from £20pm for basic site hosting up to £100pm for a dedicated server.

Yes, you own these files. Just let us know in advance and we can send you a copy.

Hosting terms will be outlined at time of signing the contract. These are non-refundable.

A content management system allows you to login to the websites user friendly interface by yourself to update it and see reports. This is only accessible to us and our clients.

the CMS is very intuitive and user friendly. We can help you get to now your way around.

We provide full support for your duration of contract. Just call or email and we will be in touch to help you out.

Absolutely. Getting into the nitty gritty of websites isnt for everyone. We have various packages to help you with this.

Contract terms will be set out clearly at the beginning before anything is signed so you know where you stand.

No. We can do all of this for you as part of our service.

We can transfer the domain to another hosting service at no extra charge. Emails however cannot be transferred and would have to be setup by another hosting agency.

Yes, this is one of our main specialties. From a simple store up to catalogues of hundreds of products.

Our servers are secure and backed up. For an extra layer of security we can provide an SSL certificate for your website to add further encryption for an extra charge.

Each project is completely unique. You may find that you need social media or graphics during your project. We can discuss this as it arises but each additional service will be chargeable.

Yes. We can provide email addresses using your custom domain for all your staff. These can be accessed on any device connected to the internet.

All our sites are designed with this in mind. Every website will be submitted to google for it to appear in searches. However for your site to appear higher in the rankings then you may want to consider our SEO services.

No. Your site will be a bespoke design which we may not specialize in. We do however offer a full redesign service to bring your website up to date and provide a new look.

Yes. We can provide graphics, logos, photography and have contacts with copywriters should you require them.

Yes. One of our deisgners is a fully qualified professional photographer.

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