Why does my business need a website?

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Now that we are online and that we have this new blog i felt it was a good time to get started. We can be a bit less formal on here and you can even join in the discussion (there’s Reason #1 – interacting with customers/users!).

It feels like every man and their dog is getting a website these days. So why would you need one? Well firstly lets look at how today’s customers find out their information. Gone are the days of the yellow pages and a lot of customers dont want to visit a physical store.

Reason #2 – Show off your stuff!

If you get most of your business through networking and personal connections, then they will want to check out your website.

Rather than spend a lot of cash creating brochures and distributing them you can bypass that completely. All your customers can find out about you and your services/products on your website. You can keep it current and up to date – printed brochures would need to be binned and reprinted – thats not cheap.

Reason #3 – More customers

Billions of people are now using the internet. Nearly every one of them has bought something online. Whay would you want to miss out on that?

Reason #4 – Increased Business value

Imagine going for a business loan and the bank manager asks to see your website? What would you say? If you have one it gives legitimacy to your company, if not  – well that could be awkward. Even worse when a customer asks for your website. Why would you want to turn them off?

Reason #5 – Educate/Influence your customers

Your website is one huge sales pitch loaded with a load of information. Let your customers find that information and learn more about your services/products. Lets be honest you arent going to be a walking encyclopedia, your website is a massive tool in selling to your customers.

Reason #6 – Exhibit your work

Show your work off, be proud of it and let people see it. Pats on the back will be incoming when people see it.

Reason #7 – Helps with business plan

Putting together a website or redesigning it can really help you evaluate things about your business you never thought of before or add a bit of polish to out of date information. This can help you get back on track by understanding what you need to do.

Reason #8 – Theres nothing to stop customers visiting your business

Starting with an online business is cheap and effective. There are no monthly rents or insurance and no restrictions to what customers can visit. Nobody needs to catch a train to visit you. They can do it on their phone.

Reason #9 – Open all hours

No this isnt a reference to that old sitcom featuring Del boy. Your website is online around the clock. This is something a physical store cant always do. Some customers will visit at unsocial hours – you can still sell your stuff to them and take their payments automatically while you sleep.

Reason #10 – Communicate with your customers

Being online means you can update your customers instantly – via blogs, email, social media etc. The new info/products/services are right there straight away. Customers can contact you directly too.

Reason #11 – Marketing

With the dawn of the internet it has opened up tonnes of new marketing techniques. Mass emails, competitions, online sales, viral marketing – the list goes on. You dont want to miss that – most of it is very cost effective too!

Reason #12 – Customer support

Giving good customer support is key to running a good business. With a website customers can find solutions to their problems or email you directly. This helps you keep a log of issues and helps you to improve your business. Customers also feel reassured that you can be easily contacted.

Reason #13 – Custom email

I know ive harped on about this on other pages but having your own custom email looks good to everybody. Your company will instantly look more professional. Imagine doing job interviews and you seen an applicant with a daft email name like [email protected] – what are you going to think about them? We’ve all seen them, I’m even shaking my head right now remembering some of them – eejits.

Reason #14 – Press releases

I know that sounds a bit far out, but it is true. You can run really cheap press releases online about your business, but to do it you will require a website. In fact, I have had clients who were absolute nobodies get one million views on YouTube because of online press releases.

Reason #15 – Escape the rat race

Well, getting your business online can help you quit your job and ditch the daily grind! its the dream!

Reason #16 – A website about any old rubbish will do

Got a hobby? Like cooking? Enjoy keeping fit? You can blog about it. There are a shed-load of bloggers out there who make a fortune just by writing their opinion about stuff. Similar to me typing away just now. Once you get a certain amount of followers and people onto your website you can make a fortune in advertising to them. Ive even heard of these people being sent free stuff so they can give it a positive review. Free stuff and free money just for your opinion? Believe me, it can be done!

Reason# 17 – Connect with fellow website owners

As an added bonus of having your own website you get to give yourself the official title of ‘WEB MASTER’. Like a He-man cartoon, holding up his sword ‘I HAVE THE POWER!’. Come on who doesn’t want that? What do you mean who is ‘He-Man’ , how very dare you!

Reason #18 – Gives you a voice

Voice your opinion without judgement – refer to your articles in arguments “Well, in fact I have written a piece about that on my website…”. Guaranteed to shut down any pub debate instantly!

Reason #19 – Do business your way

You can run your business however you see fit. No bosses, no lawyers. For example. I can type the word ‘jobby’ on here simply because I can! Obviously I recommend keeping it light and professional but its nice to engage with your customers on a real life level.

Reason #20 – Beat your competitors

With a good website and strategy behind you, your business can take on any of the big guns. if people can find your website then you can sell to them. Many businesses have started online and are now in skyscrapers. That could be you.

Reason #21 – Instant credibility

When trying to close a sale you have an instant point of reference for information. Use this to impress customers and inform them. Your website makes you look credible.

So… why do I need a website?

Well theres 21 pretty good reasons. Want to tell me why you dont need a website? (yes there is a comment box below – no jobby pictures please)

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