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Why you (the Client) are the key to a great website

So you want an amazing website? You and your business want to wow your customers with a shiny, sleek, clever and professional website. That’s great (we can totally help you with that!). But what is the main thing that brings your website together and what the customer really wants? Content. Good design and fancy graphics […]

Why Your Business Needs Social Media

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You are no doubt sick hearing about social media by now but there is no escaping it (its also handy for passing time on toilet breaks). I can be a daunting prospect getting your business onto so many different platforms and managing them. However Ive listed ten reasons why your business should be on social […]

Biggest Mistakes Of DIY Websites

DIY websites builder mistakes

So you feel your business is ready to go online and you need a website? Great! Now we will always recommend using a professional web design service (what kind of business would we be if we couldn’t plug our services :-P) but we can understand why people would opt of the DIY method and use […]

Why Isn’t Anyone Coming to my Website?

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Now there’s a question. One that has many different answers. If only it was as simple as ‘Build it and they will come’. its a good thing Kevin Costner wasn’t a web designer! There are two main reasons why people don’t come to your website – 1. They don’t know its there or 2. they wont […]